13 obvious facts about Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th. Here are 13 obvious facts about Friday the 13th.

  1. Friday the 13th always occurs on a Friday.
  2. Friday the 13th always occurs on the 13th day of the month.
  3. Friday the 13th can occur in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, or December.
  4. There can be multiple Friday the 13ths in a single year, but there can only be one Friday the 13th in a single month.
  5. Friday the 13th always follows Thursday the 12th.
  6. Friday the 13th is always followed by Saturday the 14th.
  7. Every Friday the 13th contains 24 hours.
  8. Some people are superstitious about Friday the 13th.
  9. Few people seem to be superstitious about Sunday the 13th, Monday the 13th, Tuesday the 13th, Wednesday the 13, Thursday the 13th, or Saturday the 13th.
  10. Some people are superstitious about the number 13 even when it has nothing to do with Friday the 13th.
  11. There was a movie called Friday the 13th.
  12. The movie makes people think of hockey masks on Friday the 13th even if there are no hockey games scheduled.
  13. There were multiple sequels to that movie.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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