Cool Halloween costumes for couples

I’m not a huge fan of matching Halloween costumes for couples. Too often there is clear winner, that person from the couple who likely came up with the idea, while the other person is forced into wearing something that just doesn’t work on him or her. The other problem is when one or both of the costumes are completely unidentifiable without its partner. However, I must admit that some people manage to come up with great Halloween costumes for couples.

The gallery below shows a few ideas for Halloween costumes for couples, but here are some other sources for costume ideas:

  • Do you need Halloween costumes for a whole group and not just a couple? Check out the ideas from Tween Us.
  • Do you need a costume idea that incorporates your glasses? Here are ideas for men, for women, and for kids with glasses.
  • Do you need a quick and easy Halloween costume that you can put together with stuff you already own? I list 40 ideas here and more here and here.


For the month of October Listing Toward Forty is Listing Toward Halloween. All Halloween posts from this series can be found here.

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