Best April Fools jokes I wish were real news (plus real headlines that seem like jokes)

April Fools Day is not a day to be gullible particularly on the Internet, but not trusting anything you read puts an odd skew on everything you read. Some of the best April Fools jokes are obviously absurd like PicMonkey Glass, Google Nose, or (for all you web publishing/SEO nerds) The SEO Tag, but other April Fools jokes are cruelly believable. Below are two of the best April Fools jokes I’ve seen today that I wish were actually real news. I’ve also included a piece of real news that I didn’t believe because it was released on April Fools Day, and a headline that I wished was just an April Fools joke.

Best April Fools jokes I wish were real news

Some people can be so cruel.

Of course, being on high alert because of April Fools Day made me question some real news, particularly this article about parity of male and female nominees for magazine writing awards:

I’ve been assured that’s real, but it’s sad that we live in a world where I’d think that women getting equal recognition was just an April Fools joke.

Finally, there was a headline that I wish were an April Fools Day joke that isn’t:

I’m still hoping that’s a joke.

What are the best April Fools jokes you’ve seen today? Have you seen any April Fools jokes you wish were true? Have you doubted any real headlines thinking they were April Fools jokes? What real headlines do you wish were jokes?

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