How to turn on Apple two step verification and why you should

Apple has introduced two step verification for Apple ID. If you use iTunes, iCloud, an iPhone, iPad, Mac or basically an Apple thing you should activate Apple two step verification now. Apple two step verification protects your data by requiring an additional code when you log in using your Apple ID. This prevents someone else from gaining access to your accounts even if they know your password.

Instructions for how to turn on Apple two step verification are here. Once Apple two step verification is activated a code will be sent to your iPhone or other trusted device whenever you need to log in using your Apple ID

I’ve touted the benefits of two step verification multiple times before including in my post about choosing a secure password; however, the option has not been available for Apple ID until this week.

“But having to type in an extra code is a pain!”

Not really. It only takes a few seconds to get and enter the code. Think of what is at risk. An Apple ID not only grants access to your online data, but it also has the power to erase data from your physical devices. What would you do if all your Apple ID controlled data was suddenly gone as it was for Mat Honan? Isn’t preventing that sort of catastrophic loss worth typing a few extra digits?

I highly recommend you turn on Apple two step verification now. Again, here are the instructions for how to turn on Apple two step verification.

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