My top ten under-loved posts of 2012

If you asked three months ago if I would do some sort of year-in-review post I probably would have said that I’d list my top ten most viewed posts. However, since then Halloween and the election happened. Seven of my top ten most viewed posts are about either Halloween or the election. That’s great, but the posts that got the most hits are not necessarily my favorite ones. Instead of listing those posts that already got a lot of page views I’m listing my ten favorite under-loved posts, that is, posts that I really like but comparatively few people saw.

Here are my top ten under-loved posts of 2012. Of course, it’s never to late to read them, love them, Facebook like them and share them.

  1. A Toddler’s Guide to Co-Sleeping – This humor post written in the voice of my daughter got almost no hits when it was published. It was published during election week, so maybe it got lost in all the political posts. About a month later it got an inexplicable spike in activity for a few days, but overall it hasn’t gotten much attention.
  2. Pictures with Santa: My failure as a mother – I experimented with a photo gallery, and nobody clicked. Unless you are one of the few who did the images you missed include a picture of me in 1970s polyester and one a my daughter immediately after being hit with a snowball.
  3. Why I made a list of shooting victims – My list of victims of gun violence in Chicago has gotten a number of page views, including the always chilling searches on a single victim’s name. I wish, however, that more people had read why I posted that list. It’s all the more meaningful after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  4. 4 reasons introverts should host parties – I was hoping to hear from more of my fellow introverts on this subject, since the Internet is one place where introverts are often outspoken.
  5. How to enjoy theatre – My wish that more people read this post is tied with my wish that more people went to see live theatre (and not in the “tweet seats” either).
  6. Facebook Privacy: You should worry more about people than policies – If Randi Zuckerberg had read this she wouldn’t have been so shocked when a picture she shared with “friends” went public.
  7. Don’t tweet what you wouldn’t say: A 3 question test for cyberbullying – I would like to think that this post is mostly common sense, but there are daily examples of this sense not being common enough.
  8. Information security basics – It’s not so much that I wish this had more page views. I wish more people did these things to protect their information and prevent the spread of spam and malware.
  9. A suitcase full of email –  Although I feel my message was thought-provoking, the most fascinating part of the post is the picture of the suitcase full of printed emails. I’m still amazed by the picture, which is why I wish more people had seen it.
  10. List 1: Unattainable goals – It’s the list that started this blog. It’s why I’m here. (And, yes, everything on the list remains unattained.)

“Hey, that’s not a list of forty things!” No, I am not cheating. I am deferring this week’s official list until after the holiday. Happy New Year.

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