Obama Wasn’t the Only One Who Won Tonight

I had to step away from election coverage. My little girl woke up. I went up and rocked her for 45 minutes until she fell back asleep. (I fully admit that I was trying to avoid co-sleeping.)

As I held my daughter in a darkened room, silent but for the creaking of the rocking chair, the full impact of Obama’s victory hit me.

I voted for President Obama because I felt that his vision was most in line with the future that I want for my children. As the past term has shown, four years is not much time. It can be difficult to get things done, but I would rather have a President trying to implement policies to move our country in the right direction and failing than a President trying to implement bad policies and succeeding. Of course, what I really hope is that some more of those good initiatives can move forward. It is with that hope that I cast my vote.

I voted for equality. I voted for liberty. I voted for science. I voted for Obama.

I voted for Obama, and my children won.

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