Sick of polls and predictions? A Few Ways to Ignore Election Day Coverage

It’s been a long and ugly election season, and it’s not over yet. Sadly, even if you choose to watch the returns tonight you may still not know who will be the new POTUS before you go to bed. Blegh.

We all could use some distractions at this point. Whether you support Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson or Roseanne Barr, here are some ways to take your mind off the election for a bit. Click the links for detailed recommendations.

If you have already voted…

Consider streaming some fascinating documentaries or some guilty pleasure movies. If you don’t have time for anything that long you can just stare at a GIF of Jeremy Renner.

If you haven’t voted…

Consider reading about my greatest fantasy football peeve, or check a few items off this bucket list. Then stop being an idiot and go vote.

Vote Kitten

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