It is Too Late to Register to Vote, But Not Too Late to Do Something

I’m still getting hits on my What to Do if You Missed the Voter Registration Deadline post. Many of those are from Google searches on things like “Is it too late to register to vote?’ or “I forgot to register. Can I still vote?” Well, at this point I’m sorry to report that if you are not registered you are not voting in the 2012 election. Grace period voting in Illinois ended on Saturday. I’m not aware of any state that allows registering the day of an election.

But, wait! Don’t give up. Even if you can’t vote you can do your part to ensure that people who are registered do go and vote.

  • Encourage others to vote. If they need reasons show them this or this or this.
  • Offer rides to get voters to their polling places.
  • Offer free babysitting so that parents can more easily get to the polls.

Then, after all that, register to vote, so that you’ll be ready for the next election.

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