America: Here there be Nazis

As you can see by the blinking “You Are Here” arrow on this interactive map, you are inside the United States of America. Warning: Here there be Nazis. This most recent update to this application has included this as a standard warning for all points within the United States. The color of the warning indicates the level of threat in your specific location. Despite lesser Nazi activity in some areas we have chosen to include this warning for all points in the USA because Nazis are mobile and are capable of acting anywhere and anytime. The warning is a reminder for all non-Nazis to be constantly vigilant and not ignore the threat of hate and violence, which is constant.

We apologize that we have only added this warning recently. Many people (particularly people of color) have repeatedly noted the presence of Nazis in the United States. We wrongly dismissed those examples as outliers. Blips. We felt that references to Nazis would quickly become outdated as white supremacy was surely on the decline. We were wrong.

Do not dismiss this as fantasy like the “Here there be dragons” of some old maps. People have said those old warnings were less likely indicative of a belief in actual dragons and more a disclaimer about parts unknown. “We have not explored this area, so there may be dragons for all we know.” That is not the case with our warning about Nazis. We have indisputable evidence of their presence.

Some have dismissed our warning as hyperbole. It is not. If it hates minorities like a duck and uses Nazi symbols like a duck and wears tshirts with quotes from Adolph Hitler on them like a duck, it is pretty clear you’ve got a Nazi duck. So our warning stands.

America: Here there be Nazis.

But there is hope. Unlike the paper maps of old this map can be updated at any time. If you change the direction of the country we can recalibrate. So, what direction do you want to go?

By OpenClips [CC0 or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
By OpenClips [CC0 or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
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