40 gender-neutral alternatives to saying “you guys”

Is “you guys” a gender-neutral term? I must admit that I have a habit of using it as such. I grew up with The Electric Company and then The Goonies, which both proudly used the phrase, “Hey, you guys!!!!” I didn’t think much about if for a long time, but is it offensive and exclusionary to use the phrase now?

Mean Girls - Hey You Guys

In the grand scheme of things there are many terms far more offensive to me than if someone says “you guys” to a group that includes women. Still, just because the phrase is not that bad doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do better. There are plenty of more inclusive alternatives to “you guys” that won’t risk making half the population feel like an afterthought. Here are 40 gender-neutral alternatives to “you guys,” and there are many more.

  1. You
  2. Y’all
  3. Yinz
  4. Everybody
  5. Friends
  6. People
  7. Peops
  8. Folks
  9. Humans
  10. Chums
  11. Pals
  12. Cohorts
  13. Gang
  14. Crew
  15. Squad
  16. Pack
  17. Posse
  18. Colleagues
  19. Peers
  20. Team
  21. Teammates
  22. Mates
  23. Companions
  24. Compatriots
  25. Associates
  26. Confidants
  27. Confederates
  28. Consorts
  29. Conjugates
  30. Crowd
  31. Throng
  32. Horde
  33. Brood
  34. Covey
  35. Coterie
  36. Plebs
  37. Band
  38. Lot
  39. Kit
  40. Mortals*

*Note: Could be considered insensitive if your group includes immortal beings.

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