Is getting older giving me a hangover?

I’m sure a lot of people will read that headline and assume this is about losing my tolerance and getting worse hangovers as I get older. That happens too, but this is about something far more cruel. It’s something I thought was only happening to me, but when I mentioned it to a coworker he said it happens to him too. Maybe we aren’t the only ones. We feel hungover in the morning even when we haven’t been drinking the night before.


Again, I’m not talking about feeling hungover after only drinking a little. I’m talking about waking up with a pounding headache when I haven’t drank alcohol for days. What is wrong with me? I used to rarely get headaches ever. Now I wake up this way a few times a week.

Are these phantom hangovers a sign that I’m not sleeping enough? That I’m dehydrated? That I’m drinking too much caffeine? That my brain just cannot handle ordinary life anymore? Is this what life is like now?

I feel hungover even though I went to sleep at a reasonable time. Well, I went to bed at a reasonable time. Then I did a crossword puzzle and suddenly it was after 11.

At least I drink plenty of water. I have a water bottle at my desk at work. I filled it at least once yesterday. I thought of filling it a few more times, but I got busy. I did think about it though. I should drink some water now. But the water is over there. And I’m here. I’ll do that later.

Oh, well. I can’t imagine why I feel hungover when I haven’t been drinking. It’s a mystery. But if I drink enough coffee I know I will survive long enough to do it again tomorrow.


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