Watching the World Series with Cubs Twitter

The Chicago Cubs are in the World Series and have come back from being behind three games to one and have forced a game seven. It is an exciting time for Cubs fans. The Cubs in the World Series is an experience for us to share, but I have not watched any playoff games at the ballpark. I haven’t watched at a bar. I haven’t joined the celebratory crowds in Wrigleyville. But I haven’t been watching alone. I have Cubs Twitter.

Between having two young children who would need a babysitter and not being fond of crowds, I am content to watch the Cubs’ historic season from the privacy of my basement. Sometimes my husband is watches with me. Other times he is out with his buddies. Either way I feel a part of larger community sharing a ride on this crazy emotional rollercoaster called baseball because of a constant flow of Cubs tweets.

// didn’t specifically try to follow Cubs Twitter. It is something that just happened to my timeline. Sure, it was something I expected from many of the local sports related accounts that I’ve followed for a long time like @JulieDiCaro, @SarahSpain, @mattlindner, @CubsNoHitStreak, @aisle424, and, of course, @Cubs, but these are not the only accounts filling my timeline with  shared excitement, frustration, and complaints about Joe Buck in real time during each Cubs postseason game.

Theatre Twitter has become Cubs Twitter. Theatre critic @krisvire is an active Cubs tweeter. So is the @GoodmanTheatre.

Anyone who listens to NPR should not be surprised that @nprscottsimon is an active member of Cubs Twitter.

But I follow so many Chicago writers and friends that during games, most of my timeline turns into Cubs Twitter. Yes, there are always those errant political and tech tweets from people not watching the game, but those have to wait. And, yes, there are a couple of people I follow who, apparently, are Cleveland Indians fans, but I try not to hold that against them.

Maybe I’m missing out by not taking myself “out to the crowd” as the song says, but I don’t think so. I’m watching the Cubs in the World Series in my own way, and thanks to Twitter I’m not doing it alone.

Chicago Cubs Rizzo hug


Tonight is game seven. Do or die. And I’ll be watching as I usually do: the game on the TV, a beverage in one hand, and my phone in the other constantly refreshing the shared community of Cubs Twitter. Watch along with me (@observacious).

Thank you, Chicago Cubs, for a thrilling season, and thank you, Cubs Twitter, for letting me watch the games with you. Let’s get ready to #FlyTheW one more time.

Go, Cubs, go!

Chicago Cubs World Series Russell Grand Slam

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