Things I thought I’d never do as a mother but ended up doing anyway

We recently had a baby shower for three people I work with. (Yes, three.) One of the activities at the party was to write advice for new parents on scraps of paper and put them in a jar to be read aloud. One of mine was “When you see or hear about other parents doing something that seems crazy to you never say you’ll never do that because you may change your mind.” This seemed to baffle the soon-to-be parents, but here is what I mean.

Things I thought I’d never do as a mother but ended up doing anyway

  • take medication to help my milk supply
  • feed my babies formula
  • pump and then feed a baby from a bottle while in a moving vehicle
  • co-sleep
  • carry a giant diaper bag
  • talk about myself in the third person
  • neglect my kids’ baby books
  • use the word “potty” as a verb
  • yell at my kids
  • let my kids run around the house/yard largely undressed
  • let my kids order off the children’s menu
  • let my kids have long periods of screen time
  • buy princess stuff for my daughter

And there are probably many more things that I’m forgetting. I have no regrets about doing these things, although I do regret the judging the parents who did these things before I did. We are all just trying to do our best.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers and mother figures, despite our perceived imperfections.


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