Assorted observations from Disney World

My family and I recently returned from a vacation to Disney World. Here are a few thoughts and observations I had while I was there.

  1. The line of teenage girls wanting to have their pictures taken with the hot guy selling balloons can get almost as long as the lines of children wanting to have their pictures taken with Disney characters.
  2. At Disney World you see a lot of otherwise normal looking people who happen to be wearing mouse ears.
  3. If Alice in Wonderland tells your daughter that her braid makes her look like Rapunzel, your daughter will instantly become a big fan of Rapunzel and choose the ridiculous Rapunzel Mickey Mouse ears.Rapunzel Mickey Mouse Ears
  4. R2-D2 and BB-8 Mickey Mouse ears sell out quickly, but there are stacks of C-3PO Mickey Mouse ears for anyone who may want them. C-3PO Mickey Mouse ears
  5. If you are panicked and screaming “Help!” on the Tomorrowland Speedway with a line of cars backed up behind you I will feel bad for you thinking you are hurt or even just that your car won’t go and you are embarrassed, but when I realize the problem is that you dropped your damn phone on the track I lose all sympathy for you, idiot.
  6. In retrospect, perhaps 5-years-old was a little young to take my daughter on Space Mountain, and 7-years-old was a bit young for my son to go on Tower of Terror. Note to self: Just because a kid likes roller coasters doesn’t mean she will like a dark roller coaster, and just because another kid loves the dark roller coaster doesn’t mean he’ll like a dark and spooky roller coaster.

    Space Mountain
    Funny. It doesn’t look like it would horribly traumatize my child.
  7. The nice thing about there not being bars at the Magic Kingdom is that there aren’t a lot of obnoxious drunks wandering around. The bad thing about there not being bars at the Magic Kingdom is that there aren’t any bars at the Magic Kingdom.
  8. Peter Pan and Captain Hook ride a float with a huge sequins rainbow on it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.Peter Pan in Disney World parade
  9. The Little Mermaid is the most disappointing ride. It is like fast forwarding through the The Little Mermaid and only stopping to listen to a minute of each song without context or plot. Also, it was clearly built with spare parts from The Haunted Mansion.
  10. Seeing Captain Phasma all over Hollywood Studios made me a huge Captain Phasma fangirl.
  11. Captain Phasma is all over Hollywood Studios, yet I never got a good picture of her.captain phasma at a distance
  12. I love all the Star Wars stuff at Hollywood Studios, but #wheresrey?
  13. The live Stars Wars show at Hollywood Studios made me tear up a bit.
  14. The light show at Magic Kingdom made me tear up a bit.
  15. The fireworks at Magic Kingdom made me tear up a bit.
  16. Walking into the Magic Kingdom with my kids made me tear up a bit.
  17. Fine, Disney World makes me tear up a bit, okay?!
  18. Oh, but it can also make me a bit nauseous. (I’m looking at you Teacup ride and Star Tours.)

We had a great time at Disney World. We don’t do Disney World every year because there are other things we want to do with our vacation time. I’m glad that I get to share Disney World with my kids sometimes though. It’s crowded and expensive but also a lot of fun.

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