3 favorite holiday cookie recipes and a make-ahead appetizer recipe

For today’s Works for Me Wednesday I am sharing some of the holiday recipes that work for me. I have many favorite recipes that I make every year. The three favorite holiday cookie recipes that I’m sharing below were chosen primarily because they are the ones that are available online, but there are truly among my favorites. I’m also sharing an appetizer recipe because it’s online too so why not? Click the names to get the full the recipes. Enjoy.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bars

These are by far my most requested cookie recipe. The finely ground macadamia nuts, cream cheese filling, and buttery cookie blend together deliciously such that you don’t know where one thing starts and another begins. Plus, they are bar cookies, so they don’t take much effort or artistry to make. And they freeze well. [recipe]

White Chocolate Mint M&M Cookies

This delicious recipe comes from Michelle of Burgh Baby. I’m a huge fan of chocolate mint, so the moment I saw this recipe I knew I had to make them. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Michelle’s recipe calls for white chocolate chips and regular chocolate Holiday Mint M&Ms. I’ve also inverted the recipe by using semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate Holiday Mint M&Ms. Both are delicious. I’m sure if you did double white chocolate or double regular chocolate those would be good. Or, as I have done, buy multiple bags of Holiday Mint M&Ms but not get around to turning them all into cookies and just eat the candy. [recipe]

Salted Fudge Brownies

Do brownies count as cookies? I don’t care. Plus, I listed two white chocolate recipes in a row, so I need a contrast. These are delicious. They are super dark, rich, chewy brownies with a hint of salt. And, despite being from Food & Wine, they are super easy to make. [recipe]

And since I cannot host a party on sweets alone…

Spinach Stuffing Balls

My friend Ronda makes delicious food and beautiful lamps. She made these for a Thanksgiving gathering, and I instantly fell in love. Don’t let the S word scare you. These are bite-sized delights of bread stuffing. The recipe calls for stuffing with herbs, but I use leftover bread cubes from Thanksgiving and add sage and thyme. They can be made ahead and frozen, which is great. [recipe]

Holiday cookies

Bonus! Two more recipes that I make during the holidays:

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