Self-affirmations for world domination*


I’m kind of a big deal.

No, I’m more than that.

I am enough.

No. More.

I am important.


I am the real deal.


I’m fabulous.


I am the one.

The Matrix Neo, the one

I’ve got the power.

I will not be defeated.

I can’t stop, and I won’t stop.

I’ve got this.

I will crush it.

I’m all over it.

I’m killing it, and it’s not a crime.

I’m on fire.

I’m a superstar.

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like me.

good enough smart enough

I’m simply the best.

I rock.

I will rock you.

I am the champion.

I am the champion (of the world).

Freddie Mercury

I won’t back down.

I’ve got rhythm.

I feel pretty.

I’m every woman.

I’m a survivor.

I'm a survivor

I’m so fancy.

I’m sexy and I know it.

I’m too sexy for my shirt.

I’m still standing.

Nothing compares to me.

nothing compares 2 u - Sinead O'Conner

If I can dream it I can do it.

I have a very particular set of skills.

I’m the captain now.

I’m king of the world.

I’m not going to be ignored.

I am the one who knocks.

I am the one who knocks - Breaking Bad

I’m from the future.

I eat men like air.

It’s my turn.

It’s my time.

It’s mine to take.

I can do it.

Just do it.

Do it.



*world domination not guaranteed, but go be awesome anyway.

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