10 reasons why living with children is like being in a haunted house

Ah, the pitter-patter of little feet. Sure, it could be the sound of adorable children coming to give you hugs, but it could be the sound of a group of hell creatures coming to eat your soul. Some nights it can be hard to tell the difference. Is there a difference?

Being a parent is wonderful, but it can also be a bit scary. Here are ten reasons why living with children is like being in a haunted house.

living with children like being in a haunted house

  1. Things go bump in the night (long after those things are supposed to be asleep)
  2. You feel like you are being watched (even when you are trying to go to the bathroom)
  3. Things vanish (particularly unattended cookies)
  4. Personal items move without you touching them (and you just hope they aren’t in the toilet)
  5. You are afraid to go into certain rooms at night (for fear of waking children sleeping in them–It’s a palpable fear!)
  6. Everything is perfectly quiet then you suddenly hear screaming (probably because the kids are fighting over a toy)
  7. Objects fly across the room (even though you have said not to throw things in the house!)
  8. Sometimes there is projectile vomiting (stupid norovirus)
  9. You hear voices (usually saying things like “Shh, don’t let mom hear!”)
  10. When you are trying to sleep sometimes your bedroom door will open and you feel a presence hover next to your bed (“Mommy, can I sleep with you?”)

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