(Far fewer than) fifty shades of inappropriate movie crushes

Since the movie Fifty Shades of Grey was released there has been a lot of talk online about whether the film and book depict a healthy BDSM relationship or abuse. I can’t say much about that since I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, but even if Fifty Shades of Grey depicts abuse I can’t really criticize women who have a crush on Mr. Grey anyway. I’ve had plenty of inappropriate movie crushes on characters who do horrible things. These crushes probably do reflect something mildly wrong in my psyche, but none of these movie crushes have anything to do with the sorts of relationships I’ve had in real life, which is what really matters. (I hope.)

While other ladies have their Christian Grey obsessions, here are some inappropriate movie crushes I’ve had over the years.

SPOILER ALERT: Some of these comments include spoilers for not very recent movies.


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