Dear teacher, please help out this clueless mom

Dear teacher,

If my child should bring shoes other than snow boots for the field trip please tell me that. Do not assume that I will just know because clearly I do not.

You sent a paper bag and said we should pack her a lunch in it. My husband did that. We can follow directions. A simple mention of shoes would have been very effective.

You may assume that since my son survived preschool and made it to kindergarten alive that we are expert parents. We are not. My parental inadequacy is even recorded on YouTube.

My husband told me that all the other parents were changing their kids into other shoes this morning. How did they know to do that?!

Perhaps they have huge families that allowed them to practice on a bunch of older siblings before finally getting details like field trip shoes right. Perhaps they are parental savants. Perhaps they are morning people who are actually capable of logic before morning drop off.

My mornings are too hectic for thoughts as complex as “Maybe my daughter won’t be comfortable running around a museum in hot, clompy snow boots.” I can’t think that clearly on just a cup of coffee and a birth control pill. (My mornings are usually too hectic to eat until I get to work. Please consider this pitiful detail as you are judging me.)

I’m not saying this is your fault. It is not. I’m just saying that you became a teacher because you like to teach, so if you could take a moment to give me a little instruction I’d appreciate it. I know preschool is supposed to be preparing my daughter for “real” school, but I could use some preparation too.


A clueless mom

Dear teacher, please help out this clueless mom
Photo credit: stevendepolo / Foter / CC BY

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