A chance to prove you are better than me

If you’ve read this blog before you probably thought, “I’m such a better person that this Kim Z. Dale. I wish there were a way to prove it.” Well, now you can.

My friend Sheila from Mary Tyler Mom is having a head-shaving event to benefit the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, an organization with the primary goal of funding childhood cancer research. Sheila does this every year to honor her daughter Donna who had cancer and died when she was 4 years old.

To make the event a success and add to the $254,000 that the Donna’s Good Things organization has already raised for St. Baldrick’s there need to be people who volunteer to have their heads shaved at the event.

Am I volunteering to shave my head? No.

“But Kim, don’t you like to help out your friends?” Definitely.

“But Kim, don’t you care about kids with cancer?” Of course.

“But Kim, isn’t helping a friend and helping kids with cancer more important than hair that’s going to grow back anyway?” Well, yes, but…

See, I confess. I’m more vain than magnanimous. I am a flawed human. I am weak.

Here is your chance, my intrepid reader.

This is how you can prove you are better than me.

All you have to do is let someone shave your head on March 28th at Candlelite Chicago. It’s just that easy.

Of course, you can always go the easy route like me and donate some money via the event website, but I know you are better than that.

Seriously though, click here to learn more about the event, to donate, or to sign up to be a shavee. Whatever you can do (volunteering, donating, or just spreading the word) will help. Let’s conquer kids’ cancer.

bald is beautiful, especially when it helps kids with cancer

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