In defense of Christmas cards

I love getting Christmas cards. I know a lot of people celebrate Christmas but don’t send cards. They complain about the time it takes to do them, or they say Christmas cards are a waste of money. That’s fine. I don’t think anyone should do more than they want to during the holidays. However, I really enjoy getting cards from the people who do send them. They are part of what make the holidays exciting.

I’m someone who doesn’t need more stuff, so I’m perfectly happy not getting many Christmas presents. Christmas cards become my presents, and I don’t even have to wait until Christmas to open them.

I love the excitement each day of seeing if there is a card (or more) in the mailbox. In a world where even most birthday wishes are sent online, Christmas is the only time of year when getting the mail is fun.

Then there is the excitement of checking the return address to see who sent it. Finally,there is a the fun of seeing the cards themselves.

I do like photo cards, particularly of people who live far away. Some people make snide remarks about photo cards just being another picture of someone’s kids on top of the pictures you saw on Facebook all year. Bah humbug.

Besides, I actually have friends who don’t use Facebook (gasp!), and I have plenty of friends who don’t post pictures of their kids there. Plus, with Facebook’s news feed algorithm I may not see the pictures even if people are posting them.

And if I have already seen tons of pictures of these kids? Who cares? It’s another picture. Possibly something goofy or perhaps the kids dressed up in holiday finery. Maybe even a little of both. I love seeing them.

Or don’t use a photo card. I like boxed Christmas cards too. There are a lot of beautiful and fun designs out there. I enjoy seeing what people choose to send.

I hang up all the Christmas cards I get. It lets me enjoy them all season, and I feel as if those friends and family are with us, in a way, for the holidays.

It’s up to you whether you send Christmas cards (or holiday cards, if you prefer). Just know that if you choose to make the effort there are a lot of people like me who don’t think it’s a waste of time or money. We think it’s nice.

And, yes, I send cards, although I still have a few more to get out this year.


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