I believe in butter: A baker’s manifesto

A while ago ChicagoNow bloggers were challenged to write a post about what they believe in, possibly in the style of Crash Davis’s “I believe…” speech from Bull Durham or maybe the “This I believe” segments on NPR. I thought that was a great prompt, but I believe I was too busy that week. Besides, what do I believe?

Well, since it’s the holiday baking season I’ve been doing a lot of baking and seeing a lot of other people’s baked goods. I have some strong beliefs about baking, so here is my baking manifesto:

I believe in butter.

I believe in pure vanilla extract and the sweet trinity of granulated, powdered, and brown sugars.

I believe in chocolate.

I believe chewy brownies are better than cakey ones and that chocolate chip cookies made with milk chocolate chips are abominations.

I believe that those cookies with the Hershey’s Kisses on top are overrated and over done.

I believe that all children should know that cookie dough doesn’t come from a tube and cakes don’t come from boxes, but I also believe that it’s okay to resort to tube cookie dough or box cake mix sometimes.

I believe that the pleasure derived from licking the beaters (and spoons and spatulas) is worth the risk of the tiny amount of raw egg that my children and I consume because of it.

I believe that baking parchment is as essential as breathing.

I believe that bar cookies are, in fact, cookies even if my five-year-old disagrees.

I believe that cookies are no worse a breakfast food than donuts, so do not judge me when I eat them as such.

I believe that if you want to “make your house smell like Christmas” you shouldn’t just simmer spices on the stove, you should make something edible (or potable) with those spices.

I believe that baking is an act of true love.

This I believe.

Stranger than Fiction - I brought you flours
I also believe that this is one of the most romantic gestures ever to appear in a movie. (From Stranger Than Fiction)


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