The saddest Christmas song ever

A lot of Christmas music is playful or religious, but there are also some really sad Christmas songs. Some are bittersweet. “I’ll be home for Christmas” tends to make me cry, but other Christmas songs are downright depressing.

Nat King Cole sang  “The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot.” That song includes the not-so-festive lyric “I’m so sorry for that laddie, He hasn’t got a daddy.” Merry Christmas, everybody!

Then there are the sad Christmas songs that only country music can bring us. Songs like “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas” and “Christmas Shoes.”

Actually, many people say “Christmas Shoes” is the saddest Christmas song, but I disagree. The saddest Christmas song ever is “The Cat Carol.”

If you are not familiar with “The Cat Carol” watch the video below, but be prepared to have your Christmas joy drowned in a sea of tears.

Did you watch it? Are you okay? I’d pass you a tissue through the screen if I could.

If you can’t get enough of the “The Cat Carol” you can shop for ” The Cat Carol” merchandise here, including a “The Cat Carol” calendar so that you can live in sorrow all year long.

By the way, the vocalist is Meryn Cadell, who you may remember for “The Sweater” circa 1992. That cat could have used a sweater.

If you prefer Christmas songs that contain less sadness and more curse words be sure to check out

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