Hello Kitty, my daughter, and me

My daughter likes Hello Kitty. That doesn’t make her particularly unique among three year old girls. I liked Hello Kitty as girl. That doesn’t make me unique among moms. Of course, when I was a little girl you couldn’t just go to a nearby Target or Old Navy to get Hello Kitty stuff, and not just because when I was a little girl Target stores were rare and Old Navy didn’t exist.

Katherine Delmar Burke School 2nd Graders, San Francisco 1980-81
Hello Kitty bento boxes were okay at school but no Hello Kitty tshirts.

The first place I remember seeing Hello Kitty was on the bento box that my friend Akiko used for her lunch at Katherine Delmar Burke Elementary School. I think she also had other Hello Kitty things too, but I specifically remember the bento box.

I was quickly smitten with Hello Kitty. Well, actually, I preferred rabbits to kitties at the time, so I liked Hello Kitty’s bunny friend My Melody better. UPDATE: Hello Kitty is not a cat. 

To get any Hello Kitty or My Melody items required going to the Sanrio store in the Japan Center mall in Japantown. Yes, I realize that if I share this information with my daughter I should add that to get there I had to walk uphill both ways in the snow. Being San Francisco, the uphill both ways part is plausible, but the snow is not.

It did tickle me when I started to see Hello Kitty stuff popping up everyone in the late 90s. Then I grew tired of it. I was too old, and the mass market took away the magic of it.

Until I had a daughter.

Hello Kitty Cake
I love my daughter loving Hello Kitty enough to have spent several hours decorating this cake.

Did I buy her her first Hello Kitty something, or was it a gift? I don’t recall, but she quickly fell in love with all things Hello Kitty.

I’m okay with that.

Hello Kitty is cute. And harmless. (And apparently not a cat.)

My little girl likes playing with LEGOs, cars, and dinosaurs. She also likes pink, dresses, and Hello Kitty. I will happily indulge her in all those things.

Particularly if I don’t have to go all the way to Japantown to get them.

Hello Kitty backpack and My Melody suitcase
My daughter’s new Hello Kitty backpack and my vintage My Melody suitcase (with a Barbie Shrinky Dink luggage tag)

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