The Little Bunny Who Said Yes, A Fable for Grown-Ups

There once was a little bunny who liked to say “Yes.”

Do you want to go to the park?


Do you want to get some food?


Can you help with this puzzle?


Her friend warned the little bunny that too many Yeses can be trouble.

The little bunny didn’t listen. The Yeses were so small. How could they be any trouble? The Yeses felt soft and warm. The Yeses were friendly and made people smile.

The little bunny embraced every Yes she could find.

Yes to this. Yes to that. Yes to other. Yes, yes, yes!

Her collection of Yeses kept growing. They filled her closets and covered her shelves. They spilled onto the floor. She’d trip over them if she wasn’t looking. They kept her awake at night.

Little bunny started to think the Yeses weren’t so good anymore.

Each individual Yes was still perfectly nice, but when all of them were together they were sometimes mean. They pushed and shoved. One Yes didn’t care that the little bunny was attending to another Yes.

Together the Yeses took all the little bunny’s time, money, and energy.

As much as the little bunny loved her Yeses she had too many, so little bunny tried something new.

She said, “No.”

At first the No scared her. He seemed so much bigger than her cute, little Yeses. He felt cold and hard. The No sounded grumpy and difficult.

But as she spent more time with No she learned he could actually be quite wonderful. He was quiet and neat. He cared for little bunny when she was tired. Little bunny embraced the No and invited in a few more of his kind.

The Nos rarely took up little bunny’s time. They seemed content to just exist and let the little bunny do whatever else she wanted or needed to do.

What she wanted or needed to do usually involved the Yeses. She hadn’t forgotten her Yeses.

The little bunny got rid of many of her Yeses, but she kept her favorite ones. She kept the important ones.

Little bunny found that her life was much nicer with some Yeses and some Nos, particularly once they started getting along together.

At first the Yeses and Nos fought terribly. They were complete opposites. Then they realized that they all truly cared about little bunny, so they decided to get along for her sake.

Besides, the Yeses and Nos did agree on one thing. They shared a mutual enemy. They both hated that





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