Reset the Net: How you can fight NSA mass surveillance

On June 5, you may see splash screens on web sites and posts on social media about telling you to “Reset the Net.” Those Reset the Net messages are to encourage website administrators, app developers, and all Internet users to take steps to prevent NSA mass surveillance. The date June 5, 2014 was selected because it is a year after Edward Snowden revealed the first of many revelations about NSA surveillance.

The NSA (and others) can perform mass surveillance because there is so much unencrypted data available. It’s easy to collect large amounts of Internet data even without prior suspicion.

But if more Internet data is encrypted it becomes impractical for the NSA (or anyone else) to collect it all. The NSA will still have powerful surveillance tools, but they will need to focus them on specific targets, which is what the NSA was supposed to do in the first place.

This Reset the Net video explains more.

What can you do to Reset the Net?

The Reset the Net Privacy Pack page lists tips and tools you can use to protect your data and the data of the people with whom you communicate. Check out their suggestions here.

What if you don’t care about NSA surveillance because you “have nothing to hide?”

Read these 5 reasons you should care about the NSA and privacy issues to understand why everyone should care about preventing mass surveillance.

 Here are some of the companies that are helping to Reset the Net

Reset the Net Google Mozilla Amnesty International Reddit EFF

For more information check out the Reset the Net website,

Reset the Net


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