On the next episode of AMC’s Mad Men: A generic teaser trailer

On the next episode of AMC’s Mad Men

  • Someone is upset about something.
  • Someone yells at someone.
  • Someone makes a concerned face.
  • Someone talks on the phone.
  • Someone asks, “What?”
  • Someone stands near a door.
  • People wear period clothing in period settings.
  • We are reminded that Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone once called Mad Men “The greatest TV drama of all time.”

Mad Men Greatest TV Drama of All Time

On the next episode of AMC’s Mad Men

  • Matthew Weiner torments us with a teaser trailer that tells us absolutely nothing about the next episode.
  • We curse Matthew Weiner for the random collection of clips he calls a teaser trailer.
  • We curse AMC for giving Matthew Weiner free reign to torture us with those teaser trailers.
  • We further curse AMC for splitting the final season of Mad Men in two parts.
  • Darn you, AMC.
  • Of course, splitting the season in two parts does let us have a longer period of time to look forward to Mad Men,
  • And a longer time to obsess over how it will end.

On the next episode of AMC’s Mad Men

  • Is Don going to die?
  • Is Megan going to die?
  • Am I going to die?

On the next episode of AMC’s Mad Men

  • Don Draper is an awful person.
  • But not as bad as Walter White or Frank Underwood.
  • What is wrong with America that we embrace all these horrible anti-heroes?!
  • Can’t we just watch cute shows about philanthropic puppies?
  • Granted, I probably wouldn’t watch a cute show about philanthropic puppies. I like dramas.

Mad Men puppies

  • The Hour was a great drama, as good as or maybe even better than Mad Men. Why did BBC cancel it?
  • Darn you, BBC.
  • Well, I do like Sherlock.
  • But Sherlock isn’t coming back until 2016.
  • Darn you, BBC.

On the next episode of AMC’s Mad Men

  • Are they ever going to talk about Peggy’s baby again?

On the next episode of AMC’s Mad Men

  • Someone will drink too much.
  • Someone will hand someone something.
  • There will probably be a scene in the elevator.
  • A meaningful song will play under the credits until they cut away for the next maddeningly ambiguous teaser trailer.

On the next episode of AMC’s Mad Men

  • I will have no idea what is going to happen, but I will look forward to it all week.
  • Darn you, Matthew Weiner.

mad men surprises

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