The Easter Bunny and the Blair Witch

I am a fan of cheap holiday decorations and party supplies from Oriental Trading Company. I flip through the Oriental Trading catalogs even when I’m not planning a party. Part of why I like to browse Oriental Trading is that some of the stuff is bizarre (at least to me). For example, I thought the Easter decoration called “Peekaboo Standing Bunny” was a bit odd. Take a look:

bunny in corner

Why is that odd? It’s just a cute Easter Bunny playing hide and seek. Well, it reminded me of this:

Sent to the corner in The Blair Witch Project

Yes, that’s an image from the movie The Blair Witch Project in which they say a killer would make one child stand in the corner and listen while another child was killed.

I’m just saying, what is happening while the Easter Bunny is standing in the corner? Is this how they celebrate Easter in Burkittsville, Maryland?

bunny in corner - blair witch

You want this Easter Bunny decoration now, don’t you? You know you do. Sorry, sicko, but it’s been discontinued.

For another off beat Easter decoration idea read Celebrate Easter with a flying Jesus

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