The magic of a good neighborhood

Saturday was the opening of Maddiebird Bakery in Edgewater. The opening was a must do since we know the owners. What made the day even more thrilling was happening to be there at the same time as Old Single Mom, Mary Tyler Mom, and some parents from my son’s school.

That’s the magic of a neighborhood place. Your neighbors are sometimes there.

Maddiebird Bakery Cupcake
Wasn’t it Robert Frost who wrote “Good cupcakes make good neighbors?”

There was a day last summer when I noticed a woman reading a newspaper at the counter of Sauce and Bread Kitchen. She got her food and left shortly before I did. When I got home I saw that Alisa of No Bags to Check, who at the time I only knew online, posted that she had just been at Sauce and Bread Kitchen. I realized it was her I had seen.

(That missed first meeting wasn’t the end of my strange coincidences with Alisa. We later realized that one of her friends growing up was one of my husband’s roommates when he lived in Washington, D.C.)

Not all my neighborhood connections are blog related. I run into neighbors. My husband and I have gotten to know owners at our favorite shops.

I’ve lived in Chicago for almost 7 years. There are neighborhoods I’ve never been to and others that I’ve only visited once or twice. I’ve never been to most of the “must go to” restaurants. I know I should explore more.

I chose to live in Andersonville and Edgewater for a reason, and that reason was that I wouldn’t have to go very far for good food and interesting stores. I like to walk, so I like to have things within walking distance.

Today my daughter went to gymnastics, my son went to swimming, I went to the dentist, and we all went to the opening of a friend’s bakery all within a one mile of our home. That’s magical.

A good neighborhood is like living in a small town inside a big city.

Spending money at the businesses that I value in my neighborhood is like investing in my home because my neighborhood is an extension of my home.

So, I’m sorry, the rest of Chicago. I know haven’t given you the love you deserve. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is in Edgewater.

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