What’s the most practical survival skill?

I asked the Internet “What’s the most practical survival skill?” The responses I got were too good not to share. Choose to ignore these life skills at your peril.

What’s the most practical survival skill?

From Facebook (If you haven’t liked my page on Facebook do so here):

  • Know where your food comes from (Edd Fairman)
  • Wear a hat (John Dale)
  • Don’t pick at it (Marti Auner)
  • Depends on the survival enviornment. Wilderness = creating fire. Urban = not making eye contact with others. Suburban = knowing where the nearest Panera Bread is. (Curt Connolly)
  • Desire. (Kat Strack)
  • Find/distill/purify water (Jaloo Zelonis)
  • The ability to determine what berries are the poison ones and which ar— arrrghh. (Adam Music)
  • Also, never underestimate the ability to tell the difference between toilet paper leaves and poison ivy. (Adam Music)
  • Being able to say “It’s only rock and roll” and mean it. (Jack Bonawitz)

From Twitter (If you aren’t folowing me on Twitter you can do so here)

From Google+, a comment that I’m really hoping was only meant figuratively:

  • Skinning a cat any number of ways? (Rob Wingader)

And from me

  • Ask specific questions if you want specific answers. 

For example, don’t ask “What’s the most practical survival skill?” if you really want to know “What’s the most practical survival skill if a cataclysmic event destroys society as we know it?” because you are looking for ideas for a play you are writing. The broader question will get you answers worthy of a blog post, but most won’t be what you sought.

So, what do you consider the most practical survival skill? Let me know in the comments below.

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