An Oscars drinking game but with exercise

Hammervision posted a 2014 Academy Awards Drinking Game. It was fun to read, but I don’t plan to play along. I’m a bit too old to have a Hollywood awards show dictate my alcohol consumption particularly on a Sunday night. Couldn’t there be a healthier way than an Oscars drinking game to make the Academy Awards more interesting?

Melissa diLeonardoI reached out to personal trainer Melissa diLeonardo to come up with a healthy alternative to an Oscars drinking game. Here is the

Oscars Fitness Game!

If you adore the Oscars and ogling celebs on the red carpet, use it as a chance to stay active and healthy.  Hell, the stars have been working hard to look good, there’s no reason why you can’t, too.

Step 1: Surround yourself with a full water bottle, some open space, and dress yourself in clothes that move.

Step 2: Kick off the awards with 30 jumping jacks. Modify them if your downstairs neighbors hate noise.

Step 3: Perform the specified movements when the following things occur:

Winner acknowledges the other nominees in the category = (20) squats for a general nod to fellow nominees, or (5) squats for each nominee mentioned by name. “(Sigh) Meryl….”

Mention of Leo/Scorcese movies other than The Wolf of Wall Street = 5 burpees per mention

Any reference to Amy Adams’s boobs = (10) push ups

A winner’s speech is cut off by the orchestra = (30) high knees

Reference to Meryl Streep’s or Judi Dench’s age = (10) tricep dips off your coffee table or a chair. (Keep it safe)

Reference to Matthew McConaughey’s weight loss = (15) sit ups or crunches

Someone uses notes for his or her acceptance speech = (20) walking lunges (or do them in place – (10) per leg)

Someone makes a Her/Siri joke = (60) second plank hold

Someone talks about Tom Hanks not being nominated = run in place for (30) seconds. “Run, Forrest, Run!”

Someone talks about Robert Redford not being nominated = (20) mountain climbers

Someone talks about Emma Thompson not being nominated = (30) bicycle crunches

Bad Grandpa is mentioned = (30) second wall sit

Ellen DeGeneres appears in a dress = (20) curtsy lunges

Someone alludes to the Woody Allen child abuse accusations = (30) second Handstand hold (Again, keep it safe.)

Bono is seen without glasses = as many one-arm push ups (a la Jack Palance) as possible in one minute.

Every commercial break = Drink water.

AND…should you need a healthy snack, make yourself some popcorn the old-fashion way, i.e., go easy on the salt and butter.

Melissa diLeonardo is a ReebokONE Brand Ambassador and 2013 Chicago Reader’s Best Personal Trainer. A global finalist in the 2013 Life Fitness Personal Trainer to Watch Contest, Melissa is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Check her out online, see her blog, and follow @mdsapphire on Twitter. 

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