Another controversial Super Bowl ad: Heinz Ketchup

Every year there seems to be at least one controversial Super Bowl ad. This year the commercial getting the most attention is a Coca Cola ad in which “America the Beautiful” (which is NOT the National Anthem BTW) is sung in a variety of languages. However, people from Pittsburgh recognize another Super Bowl ad as controversial: the Heinz Ketchup commercial.

Here is that controversial Super Bowl ad from Heinz Ketchup:

No, this commercial isn’t controversial because of the indelicate sound that the squeeze bottle makes at the end. This is a controversial Super Bowl ad because it repeatedly shows people trying to dispense Heinz Ketchup by hitting the bottom of the glass bottles.


Every good Pittsburgher knows that the best way to get Heinz Ketchup out of its iconic glass bottle is to hit the 57 on the side of the neck.

Not to do so is completely un-American.

Where to hit a Heinz Ketchup bottle

And for those of you wondering, I am a Pittsburgher, but I’m also a Chicagoan. I put ketchup on my fries, not on my hot dogs.

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