Buyer’s remorse

This is part of my Fiction Friday series of very short stories.

After weeks of being held hostage by heavy snow then brutal cold then heavy snow again then brutal cold again she had been thankful for the excuse to go out. She’d done enough time in solitary confinement for which she had been equally thankful for a while.

It’s easier to go through a break up in the winter. In the winter when you get depressed and want to lock yourself in your house watching bad TV and eating a smorgasbord of comfort foods you don’t have to worry about your friends trying to drag you out to cheer you up. In the winter they are all locked in their houses watching bad TV and eating comfort foods too, albeit for different reasons.

Still, the prolonged hibernation had gotten to everyone, even her, so when she was told she just had to go to Julie’s party she put up little resistance.

She hadn’t thought Max would be there. Julie hadn’t invited him, but as with a lot of parties friends brought friends who brought friends and one of those friends ended up being Max.

To be fair, Max probably wouldn’t have come if he’d known she’d be there. She didn’t usually go in for parties.

However it happened, from the moment she saw Max she wanted to leave.

She waited long enough that it would seem like he wasn’t the reason she was going, even though everyone still knew he was. She made an excuse about having to get up early, which no one believed.

She held in her tears until she got upstairs. She dug and dug through the pile of black North Face coats looking for her own black North Face coat, just wanting to go home, and regretting not buying another color.

black North Face coats and jackets

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