Illinois legalizes same sex marriage, now my neighbors can get married

My neighbors are getting married. I’ve known this for a long time, but in the eyes of the state of Illinois they were just getting civily unionized. What the hell is that? But once Governor Quinn signs the bill (expected tonight) Illinois will become the 15th state to allow same sex marriage, so my neighbors are getting married both symbolically AND legally.

I never asked my neighbors if they planned to go to another state before or after the ceremony here so that they could get “really” married. I never asked because to me they were getting really married regardless of whatever paper they acquired said. Still, I imagine it is a relief and a joy to know they will not have to worry about semantics and context and just be able to say, “We are married.”

I can only imagine how this feels. My marriage is between a man and a woman. My marriage is between two unrelated white people of childbearing age. My marriage was not contested by people quoting Bible verses in legislative debate in blatant disregard of the idea of separating church and state.

My neighbors are getting married. Their marriage will be recognized by their friends and family. Their marriage will be recognized by the state of Illinois. And their marriage will be recognized by any higher power that I would even consider worshipping. Sorry, but I don’t worship bigots.

Congratulations to my neighbors and all other committed same sex couples who can now say they are getting married without having to cite a caveat or take a trip to Minnesota.

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