Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers: Who has the best music video?

The Chicago Bears play the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 22 Sunday Night Football. Both are teams from cities with blue collar roots. Both are teams used to playing in harsh winter conditions. Both are teams with quarterbacks who their fans are often embarrassed by. There are so many ways to compare these teams, but today I judge them by one important indicator: old music videos.

Who will win the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers music video match up? We can’t know until they play. (The videos that is.)

The Chicago Bears created the granddaddy of all NFL music videos: The Super Bowl Shuffle. MTV was just a few years old, and the music video genre was still young when this classic was introduced.

Acutally, most of that isn’t too bad. Walter Payton in particular shows that football wasn’t his only talent.

Meanwhile, the Steelers have “Yoi! Steelermania.” I remember recording this on a VHS tape (look it up, children) when it aired on MTV during halftime of a Steelers game against the Miami Dolphins. This song is not performed by the Steelers themselves but by long time Steelers announcer Myron Cope. This is also the origin of one of my favorite rhymes, “Jerome Bettis…he ain’t no head of lettuce.”

Of course, it probably makes sense to compare music videos in which the actual players perform, so here is a video of the Pittsburgh Steelers singing Christmas carols.

Um, don’t quit your day (and occasionally Sunday, Monday or Thursday night) jobs. I wonder if they would have been more ambitious with the choreography if they knew Hines Ward was a future Dancing with the Stars champion.

I think what current NFL players should learn from these relics is that the Internet does not forget, so please no twerking videos.


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