Mad Men finale: Online streaming saved me from spoilers

This Mad Men finale post doesn’t contain any spoilers. If you are looking for a plot recap of the Mad Men finale for season 6 “In Care Of” there are plenty of other places you can look. (Of course, I especially recommend you read Tom & Lorenzo’s Mad Style post on Wednesday.) This is not a post about what happened in the Mad Men season finale. This is about how modern technology shaped how I watched the Mad Men finale in ways that were not possible in the 1968 when the show is set or for many years after that.

Because we are still recovering from the water heater debacle our basement is under construction right now. The family room that is being redone due to water damage was home to our only television. The construction means the TV is not set up, so we can’t watch regular TV.

For the most part being without a TV for a week now hasn’t been a problem. Not that we’ve gone without shows. There is just so much that we can watch on our iPad, phones and laptops. Don’t worry. My kids are getting plenty of their earworm-creating shows.

The Mad Men finale, however, was different. Any other week I’d be happy to wait until the next day when the episode became available on On Demand. Heck, for any other episode I might even just wait until next weekend when we expect to regain use of our basement. But this was the season finale! The penultimate season finale!

Mad Men Finale Online StreamingI found out that streams the episodes after they air. I was okay with waiting an hour. Then I realized that I’d have to wait until the episode aired in Pacific time. That was past my bedtime. I resigned myself to waiting until Monday night even though it would mean avoiding social media all day for fear of spoilers.

On Monday though I realized that I had plans for that evening. Although it’s great to see a friend in from out of town who I haven’t seen for years, I didn’t know if I could avoid Mad Men finale spoilers until Tuesday!

Luckily, I didn’t have to.

I grabbed some lunch, brought it back to my desk, donned my headphones and spent my lunch hour watching the Mad Men finale.

If I hadn’t been at my desk I could have done the same thing on my phone. That’s amazing.

Sure, we may envy the style and in-office cocktails of the Mad Men era, but modernity has it’s advantages.

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