A gallery of old technology: Do you remember TRS-80?

Old technology made big news recently when an Apple-1 computer sold for the equivalent of more than $500,000. The Apple-1 came out in 1976, which was just a few years before my parents bought our first home computer although ours was not an Apple. My first computer was a TRS-80, a computer brand from Radio Shack and the Tandy Corporation. For over a decade my computing experience both at home and at school was primarily with TRS-80 computers. The old technology looks silly by today’s standards.

Below is a gallery of the old technology from TRS-80 that I used. Do any of these models look familiar?

Most images are from http://oldcomputers.net/ which is a fun website where you can find the old technology that your remember if you used something other than a TRS-80.

If you like nostalgia you may also enjoy my video gallery tribute to the year 1973.

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