2 must have Android apps, both are free

I recently got a new phone which means having to reconfigure everything to be just the way I want including re-adding all my favorite apps. Of course there are some apps that are no-brainers (Twitter, Facebook, Words with Friends), but I also loaded two must have Android apps that are incredibly useful even though I rarely need to interact with them. Plus, both of these must have Android apps are free, so you should try them.


Shush Android AppI rarely forget to silence my phone in movies or shows (thus staying safe from the wrath of people like Kevin D. Williamson). My problem was always remembering to turn the ringer back on, much to the frustration of my husband who is generally the only one who ever calls me. This is no longer a problem with Shush!

When you set your ringer to silent or vibrate on a phone running Shush! you get a prompt to specify how long you want the ringer off. At the end of that period your ringer volume will return to normal without you having to do anything. Such a simple feature but so useful.

You can get the Shush! app from the Google Play Store here.


Llama adjusts your cell phone settings based on location and time of day. For example, if you want most of your notifications silent or quiet when you are home at night it will automatically make those adjustments. If there are different settings you want to use when you are at work it can do that. You can choose exceptions to silent mode if there are people for whose calls you always want the phone to ring. Llama can also control Bluetooth and wifi settings.

You can get the Llama app from the Google Play Store here.

Yep, my must have Android apps are kind of boring background things, but they are so useful. What are your must have Android apps?

Hat tip to Jason Fleece (@jafleece) who recommended these apps to me two years ago when I got my previous Android phone.

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