Mad for Mad Style: Why AMC Mad Men fans should read Tom & Lorenzo

If you are a fan of AMC’s Mad Men and you don’t read Tom & Lorenzo you are missing out on half the fun. Tom and Lorenzo are fashion bloggers. They also do recaps of a number of TV shows, but for Mad Men they go one step further. In addition to posting Mad Men recaps on Mondays they also post something called “Mad Style” on Wednesdays. The Mad Style posts do an in depth analysis of Mad Men fashion and costume design.

First, Tom & Lorenzo do write entertaining recaps. Their post for last week’s episode even made comparison of Mad Men‘s Joan to Game of Thrones‘ Daenerys Targaryen, aka the Khaleesi, which I appreciated as a fan of both shows. (Fans have occasionally asked Tom and Lorenzo to do posts for Game of Thrones, but they have said that Game of Thrones is a show they prefer to just sit back and enjoy.)

Also, Tom & Lorenzo are masters of live tweeting shows without spoilers. Consider these tweets from Sunday’s episode:







If you are watching along you can share their enthusiasm, but if you aren’t their tweets are as cryptic as the teaser “scenes” AMC shows for next week’s episode.

But there are many other people who post Mad Men recaps and live tweet the show. Mad Style is where Tom and Lorenzo differentiate themselves.

Tom and Lorenzo Mad Style

In Mad Style posts, they meticulously analyze every costume choice with an eye for detail and an amazing memory. They even contact costume designer Janie Bryant for clarification such as when there was some question whether a dress used in an episode two weeks ago was the same dress from a previous episode. (Tom and Lorenzo were correct that it was.) Actually, they often notice Janie Bryant’s very deliberate re-use of costumes on Mad Men. Mad Style is fascinating to read, and gives Mad Men fans something to break up the long week between episodes.

If you love AMC’s Mad Men and appreciate the fashion you owe it to yourself to read Mad Style on Tom & Lorenzo.

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