20 things to do on warm nights in Chicago besides shoot people

Last night was a beautiful warm night in Chicago. My husband and I took advantage of the warm weather to sit on our back porch, drink beer, stare at our phones and talk about electronic content management solutions. (You thought we were pretty cool until I got to those last two items, didn’t you?) A lot of other people, however, took advantage of the warm weather by going out and shooting people. 3 people are dead and at least 17 wounded from shootings last night. WTF, Chicago?!

Tonight is looking to be another beautiful day and night in Chicago. Since people seem to be devoid of good ideas of how to use their time here are  20 things to do on warm nights in Chicago besides shoot people.

  1. Read a book.
  2. Talk to a friend.
  3. Draw or paint.
  4. Play basketball.
  5. Play video games.
  6. Play board games.
  7. Watch a movie.
  8. Choreograph a silly dance routine.
  9. Watch TV.
  10. Jump rope.
  11. Ride a bike.
  12. Learn a song.
  13. Have sex (consensual only, please).
  14. Take a walk.
  15. Sleep.
  16. Write a poem.
  17. Eat some ice cream.
  18. Drink a beer (assuming you are over the age of 21).
  19. Listen to music.
  20. Anything.

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