List 34: Favorite cancelled TV shows (theme songs and trailers)

We’ve been thinking about cutting cable. We just don’t watch much TV that isn’t on Netflix or Amazon anymore. (Exceptions include Game of Thrones and Mad Men, which are both starting again soon meaning cable is staying for at least a few more months.) It’s hard for me to believe how little TV I watch now because I used to watch all the time. The video gallery below features 40 cancelled TV shows I used to love. Most of the videos are the opening theme songs or teaser trailers.

Are these the best cancelled TV shows ever? Probably not, but they are all cancelled TV shows I used to love. Some of these shows are examples of high quality television programming. Others are guiltier pleasures. Some of these shows were cancelled too soon. Others overstayed their welcomes but were great at their peaks. Some of these were off the air before I was born, and I only learned to love them as reruns. If there are any of these cancelled TV shows you’ve never seen I suggest to you try to find them on DVD, streaming or late night reruns.

Did your favorite cancelled TV shows make the list? Let me know in the comments or on TwitterGoogle+, or Facebook.

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Use the red buttons below to navigate the list of cancelled TV shows, and click on the videos to play them.

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