List 27: Unique Pinterest boards to follow

Pinterest boards are often used as visual bookmarking tools for recipes, DIY projects and exercise regimes, but the best Pinterest boards are purely visual. The best Pinterest boards can intrigue the eye like a good coffee table book. They also allow the pinner to amass huge collections of objects without the cost or the clutter.

Below are 40 unique Pinterest boards full of bizarre, amazing and delightful things. Click the titles to see the boards. In many cases it was difficult to choose just one board by each pinner. Click the pinner’s name to see all of their Pinterest boards.

  1. Abandoned Places and Things by Duncan Moon – So creepy, so cool.
  2. Oddities and Fascinators by Sarah Wulfeck – A very unusual collection of sometimes disturbing images.
  3. Over the Top by Linda Franklin – My jaw dropped the first time I scrolled through this Pinterest board.
  4. Et Cetera by Courtney Blazon – Lives up to its name: no theme other than weirdness with periodic pop culture paraphernalia.
  5. Random likes by Carrie Hosozawa – Just a lot of good stuff. Very repinnable.
  6. Amazing by Mitchell Olesker – Incredible images from nature.
  7. Curiosities by Wendy Bright – Over 1,000 pins of retro images that appear fascinatingly odd by today’s standards.
  8. So awesome we had to repin it! by Archie McPhee – Their choice of repins is even odder than Archie McPhee’s products.
  9. Things That Are Super Cool by Burgin Streetman – Old pictures of movie stars, art and a mouse with a teddy bear, also known as “Things that are super cool.”
  10. Super mad love by a feast of dead bees – In case the account name didn’t tip you off, there are some odd and amazing things here.
  11. Colors by Magda Zadróżna – Beautiful images in varying hues. Plus, she’s got the best profile pic.
  12. Delightful Design by Jane Wang – There is a lot of beauty and whimsy in these pins. There’s a reason why over 2 million people follow her boards.
  13. Doors by The Enchanted Muse – Doors are a popular Pinterest board topic, but this is the coolest collection I’ve seen.
  14. Ladies Doing Stuff by The Mary Sue – I love the name of this board, and it features some fascinating women.
  15. Smithsonian Snapshot by Smithsonian – Images and descriptions of things in the Smithsonian’s priceless collection.
  16. Picture of the Day by New York Public Library – Images from the library’s digital archives.
  17. Bizarre Fashion by Ripley’s Believe It or Not – I chose to feature their fashion board, but if you like bizarre stuff Ripley’s has a lot to offer.
  18. Shoes as Art by Bata Shoe Musuem – I love shoes.
  19. Cartographic Curiosites by Maria Popova – Interesting maps from the Brain Pickings archives.
  20. Visions of Meta  by Susanna Speier and Ben Zimmer – “Board of meta.”
  21. Visons of Robots by Susanna Speier – Since the meta board is a shared one I don’t feel bad repeating her. She pins good stuff.
  22. My Peeps by Teddie Smith – A collection of fascinating people.
  23. Nostalgia by Hillary Buckholtz – If you don’t remember any of this stuff you are too young.
  24. Grow Young by Candice at the Wishcraft Workshop – Images from an aspired to second childhood, each annotated with one thing to add to make it perfect.
  25. Doll house by Curious Work – A collection of intricate and interesting doll houses.
  26. Mustachioed CEOs by Kurt Anderson – When I learned Kurt Anderson joined Pinterest I expected great things, and his first board lived up to that.
  27. Playwrights by Samuel French – Not enough pins and definitely not enough women, but it’s a start.
  28. We Didn’t Start the Fire by Scott Kleinberg – My favorite of his Pinterest boards is actually his Elevators, but the thoroughness of this one is impressive.
  29. General Tso Brand Extensions by Jennifer 8. Lee. I first discovered Jennifer 8. Lee when she was a technology writer for the New York Times. Then she wrote The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, which I loved. Then she pinned some General Tso tacos. Basically, the woman is a genius.
  30. Dudes with Their Dachshunds by Austin Kleon – Overall, I’m actually disappointed since I’d think someone with a book called Steal Like an Artist would pin a lot more.
  31. Paranormal Studies by Bonnie Burton – Spells, symbols and other items of the occult.
  32. Interesting Libraries by Mental Floss – Magical places.
  33. Flavorpill by Flavorpill – Intriguing images.
  34. Moleskin World – Not choosing a specific board because they are each rather small. It appears this account is no longer active, but there are some beautiful things here for lovers of journals and notebooks and the amazing things people put in them.
  35. Favorite Places & Spaces by Marissa Mayer – This one is notable because of one must wonder is this really Marissa Mayer’s account? If so, is she going to build this slide at Yahoo headquarters?
  36. Kick-ass stuff by Jennifer Lawson – The Bloggess recognizes kick-assery when she sees it.
  37. Might Need These Later by Natalie . – I’m a little afraid of what she might need some of these things for.
  38. Epic by George Takei – Mr. Sulu sees silly stuff.
  39. Think Geek EVERYTHING by Think Geek – Yes, it’s a marketing board, but Think Geek’s product line is perfectly suited for pinning.
  40. Love to feel by Andrew von Rosenbach – Pins so trashy you won’t want to admit you are laughing.

Although I don’t claim to compete with the brilliance any of those, you can see my Pinterest boards here. For your repinning pleasure I even made a board featuring representative pins from all of the Pinterest boards I recommended above.

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