List 26: Schaumburg and other unsexy words

Below is a list of some of the least sexy words I know. I avoided words that are unsexy because they refer to gross things. Instead, I focused on the sounds. These words don’t sound sexy.  (They lack aural sex?) “Pulchritude” actually means physical attractiveness, but it made the list because to say it sounds like you are vomiting in your mouth. And, yes, Schaumburg is on the list. I’m sorry, people of Schaumburg, but it is impossible to say your hometown in a sexy way.

I couldn’t even begin to rank these, so here are 40 unsexy words in alphabetic order:

  1. Amazeballs
  2. Blog
  3. Boat
  4. Bucolic
  5. Bulbous
  6. Caulk
  7. Craw
  8. Dearth
  9. Dumb
  10. Fiscal
  11. Fudge
  12. Gherkin
  13. Google
  14. Groin
  15. Guitar
  16. Horse
  17. Isthmus
  18. Jeggings
  19. Katzenjammer
  20. Lamp
  21. Milk
  22. Nougat
  23. Octagon
  24. Perturb
  25. Pork
  26. Pubes
  27. Puce
  28. Pulchritude
  29. Quack
  30. Sasquatch
  31. Satchel
  32. Schaumburg
  33. Scrod
  34. Sherbert
  35. Smorgasbord
  36. Towel
  37. Tweet
  38. Umbrage
  39. Vest
  40. Yak

What words are unsexy to you?

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This is list 26 in a series of 40 lists. See the others here.

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