Toy Drive: Thank you

Thank you to everyone who supported the toy drive for Edgewater’s food pantry Care For Real either by dropping off toys at Bikram Hot Yoga Midwest or by donating online. I am thrilled with the response.

I was inspired to do a toy drive by Burgh Baby’s Christmas Crazy. Her results truly are crazy. Seriously, look at this year’s yield here. But I know that she has many more blog readers than I do and has been doing a toy drive since 2009. I knew I couldn’t compete with her, but I just wanted to help kids in need as much as I could. I think we did a good job.

Care for Real will be distributing the toys tomorrow. I plan to be there for part of the day and will let you know how it goes. Although the toy drive is exciting, Care for Real serves over 4,400 families in need all year round. If you did not have a chance to give to the toy drive you can still support their work by donating here.

Click through the gallery to see what what was collected during the toy drive.

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