Product Idea: Nativity Scene Menorah

Buzzfeed did a feature on 27 Awesome and Unexpected Menorahs, including this one from Etsy seller Again Goods:

Menorah that looks like a nativity scene

When I looked at that what I saw were modern, stylized people. Robed people. Clustered together. What I saw was a modern, stylized version of this:

Felt Nativity Scene

(That’s from Etsy seller FilzArts.)

This made me think of an awesome product idea for dual-religion households: a nativity scene menorah! Stick a candle in the heads of Mary, Joseph, 3 shephards and 3 wise men. The shamash could be in the baby Jesus, or if you don’t like the idea of piercing Jesus (meaning you haven’t gotten to the end of the book yet), it could be in the angel. Twice the religious holiday traditions in half the shelf space!

I will happily license this idea to someone in exchange for a cut of the inevitably massive revenues.

Happy holidays (all of them)!

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