List 15: Vote (An Election Year to Do List)

Early voting in Chicago has begun. (Click here for times and locations.) If you have already voted here or elsewhere, thank you. If, however, you are a U.S. citizen and have not yet voted, here is a to do list:

  1. Vote.
  2. Vote because you can.
  3. Vote because so many others cannot.
  4. Vote because so many people fight for the opportunity that has been given to you.
  5. Vote even if you *know* your candidate will win. Nothing is certain.
  6. Vote even if you *know* your candidate will lose. See above.
  7. Vote even though no candidate is perfect. No one ever is.
  8. Vote because it is a duty.
  9. Vote because it is a privilege.
  10. Vote to have a say.
  11. Vote to offset the vote of a person whose obnoxious political comments have been annoying you all election season.
  12. Vote, or don’t complain about the outcome.
  13. Vote not just for President but for local and state officials and ballot initiatives that can often have a greater impact on your day-to-day life than the national race.
  14. Vote knowing what candidates and issues will be on your ballot. The Chicago Tribune has a tool for generating a customized ballot here.
  15. Vote based on facts and issues, not propaganda and emotion.
  16. Vote like the future depends on it. Spoiler: It does.
  17. Vote to be a part of history.
  18. Vote to be a part of the national dialogue.
  19. Vote rather than let others choose leaders for you.
  20. Vote because it is the least you can do for your country,
  21. …for your state,
  22. …for your community.
  23. Vote because the U.S. voter turnout rate hasn’t exceeded 60% nationally since 1968, which is pretty shameful.
  24. Vote early if you can, so you don’t have to worry about being “too busy” on election day. Information on Chicago early voting is here.
  25. Vote because your opinion matters.
  26. Vote because you matter.
  27. Vote because you care.
  28. Vote because you should care.
  29. Vote, and bring a friend or neighbor.
  30. Vote on behalf of your children or grandchildren who are too young to vote for themselves.
  31. Vote to get one of those “I voted” stickers. (Seriously, that would be enough to motivate my 3 year old.)
  32. Vote because some places will give you free food or drinks with proof that you voted.
  33. Vote because the results of the election can change your life.
  34. Vote, but be sure you are in the proper polling place. Chicagoans can check find their polling place here.
  35. Vote even though you “hate government.” It’s not going away.
  36. Vote using grace period voting if you forgot to register on time.
  37. Vote your conscious.
  38. Vote because it gives you a voice.
  39. Vote.
  40. Just vote.

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