List 12: Little Ways to Make the World a Nicer Place

We’ve all been there. We’re in a hurry or distracted or lazy and do something (or don’t do something) even though we’d be angry or at least disappointed if someone else behaved the same way.

Last week I suggested a 3 question test to know if you are are being a cyberbully. I asked you to consider whether you would want the same comment sent to you. The idea of treating others like you want to be treated can go a long way in making the world a nicer place. Here are some little things that you can do to load some good in your karmic piggy bank.

  1. Hold the door.
  2. Hold the elevator.
  3. Say “please.”
  4. Say “thank you.”
  5. Say “I’m sorry.”
  6. Say “I love you.”
  7. Loan out your favorite book.
  8. Give compliments.
  9. Be on time, but if you can’t…
  10. Let people know if you will be late.
  11. Let another car merge.
  12. Yield to pedestrians.
  13. If you are an able bodied pedestrian being yielded to, walk a bit faster as not to hold up traffic.
  14. On escalators and moving walkways stand on the right so others can pass on the left.
  15. Give up your seat to people who are elderly, disabled or pregnant.
  16. Give someone a ride to the airport, or…
  17. Pick someone up from the airport.
  18. Listen.
  19. Leave a penny in a the “Leave a penny, take a penny” bowl.
  20. Call your mother.
  21. Don’t leak spoilers.
  22. Silence your cell phone.
  23. Laugh at your friends jokes…
  24. Also at your spouse’s jokes.
  25. Don’t post any picture online that you wouldn’t want posted of yourself.
  26. Nominate people for awards.
  27. RSVP on time.
  28. Replace empty toilet paper rolls, or…
  29. Tell your host or an employee of a business when the toilet paper roll needs to be replaced.
  30. Wait your turn.
  31. Tell people (discretely) if they have something in their teeth, or…
  32. Their zippers are down, or…
  33. They have any other potentially embarrassing smudge or wardrobe malfunction.
  34. Visit people in the hospital.
  35. Bring food (even if you didn’t make it yourself) to families caring for a newborn or nursing a sick relative.
  36. Ask someone to dance.
  37. Don’t criticize people in public.
  38. Don’t leave without saying “Goodbye.”
  39. Throw away your trash.
  40. Finally, if you are a blogger who wishes more people would read, share and comment on your posts, be sure to read, share and comment on other people’s posts. Feel free to start with this one. 😉

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