Much has already been said about Chick-Fil-A and its organizational opposition to gay marriage, so I will say this quickly: Until there is a law to protect against this type of discrimination Mr. Cathy has the right to express the right to express his opinion and use his company’s funds accordingly; and others have the right to react whether it be to boycott his restaurant or, as others are doing, eat there more.

For those whose opinions vary from Mr. Cathy’s, I suggest you check out #23 from my list of favorite food places in Edgewater and Andersonville. For the month of August, Hamburger Mary’s is serving a southern fried chicken sandwich very similar to those offered at the other place and giving a portion of their sales to Equality Illinois. According to their Facebook page they will even be serving waffle fries.

In America we only vote at the polls once or twice a year, but we can vote with our dollars every day.

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