Things to do in Chicago in 2018

I’ve started a running list of different shows and events that I’m interested in going to in 2018, and I’m sharing here for anyone who is looking for interesting things to do. I’ll pin the post in the sidebar and keep it updated as new things hit my radar. I’m sure I won’t go to all these shows and events, but at least it won’t because I forgot about them!

NOTE: This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of events in Chicago. This is highly curated toward things in which I have a strong interest. Spamming me your event is not likely to get you added.


  • Every Saturday at 3 PM- The Paper Machete at The Green Mill (I’ve been wanted to go to this for years. I pledge that this will be the year I make that happen!)
  • Fourth Tuesday of the month – The Girl Talk at The Hideout Inn (Because I want to know the Chicago women I should know)
  • Quarterly – The Frunchroom (Because I don’t go to the South Side as much as I should even though I know there is a lot of cool stuff there)










  • September 22nd- October 21 – Alice from Upended Productions (I saw a previous production of this walking production of Alice in Wonderland and loved it!)



  • TBD


As I said, I’ll be adding more interesting things throughout the year as I find out about them. If you go to any of these, contact me on Twitter or Facebook to let me know what you thought!


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